Every hair on your body has a natural growth cycle.  Every hair progresses from an active growth phase (ANAGEN) to a transitional stage (CATAGEN) on to a resting stage (TELEGON) and after a period of time back to the growth anagen stage.

At any one time a proportion of hair follicles in each region of the body are in different phases of the cycle.

The early anagen stage is when follicles are most sensitive to the effects of IPL technology.  It is less effective on follicles in transitional or resting phases.

As even in one small area (eg. upper lip) you can have follicles in many phases.  Therefore you need a number of treatments.  It is not possible to accurately tell someone how many treatments will be needed.  The number depends on how many hairs are in the area – the more dense it is the more times you may have to be treated.

It is impossible to compare hair removal results between people.  Depending on the area 20%-85% of hair is in anagen (growing phase) and the rest in other phases of the cycle.  There are many follicles that do not produce hair but have potential to do so if activated by hormone changes, medication or medical conditions.  Totally new hair can grow under these conditions.

Pulsed light targets the pigment in hair follicles and therefore hair that is dark is ideal.  Some grey hair can be treated if there is pigment in the follicle.  However, this is not always the case.

To prepare for IPL do not pluck, wax or bleach for one month before.  Do not expose the area to direct sunlight or sun beds and do not use artificial tan over the area.

Our IPL has the largest available spot size.  It delivers superior power and quicker results than many IPL machines.  You will receive the best possible treatment with this equipment.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.


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