Unblemished supports women who have had “Breast Cancer”

FreeUnblemished Skin & Laser Clinic will remove radiation therapy target dot tattoos at NO cost for women who have had breast cancer.

Breast cancer treatment includes radiation therapy to ensure accurate targeting of the treatment.  Tattoos are applied to ensure accurate targeting of the treatment. The radiation tattoos are usually the size of a freckle and several may be applied to each patient. The target dot tattoo is as permanent as any other tattoo.  Although some survivors keep their tattoos as a token of their successful battle against cancer, others want them removed as they’re a reminder of a difficult and painful time.

Fortunately these small dot tattoos can be safely and completely removed with Q-Switched laser treatment; most being removed with just two five minute treatments, about six weeks apart.

Those interested in participating will need a letter of approval from their doctor before commencing treatment.

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