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DO YOUR RESEARCH: ’10’ things you should know……

….before you have Laser Tattoo Removal So you’ve decided to take the plunge and rid your arm/back/neck/leg of that pesky tattooView full post »

How many laser tattoo treatments will be needed to remove my tattoo?

When considering laser tattoo removal, one of the most common questions we are asked is how many treatments will be needed to get back to aView full post »


Think twice before letting your kids get a “fun in the sun, holiday henna tattoo”!After being contacted by a closeView full post »


WHY CELEBS LASER-REMOVE THEIR INK Posted on Oct 7, 2015 5:22am AEDT Ink be gone! Pics of Victoria Beckham on the red carpet show the onceView full post »

PAYMENT PLANS available NOW!!!!

Instalment payment plans: We want to make your tattoo removal/fading as easy, flexible and accessible as possible which is why we haveView full post »

How tattoos leave one in ten battling health problems

Inking’s said to cause swelling, skin irritation and complications that linger for years, Click here to read more…View full post »


There are many of us out there with Tattoo Regret!  But when it comes to someone like Colin Farrell, we didn’t even notice hisView full post »

Unblemished supports women who have had “Breast Cancer”

Unblemished Skin & Laser Clinic will remove radiation therapy target dot tattoos at NO cost for women who have had breastView full post »

Bling Bling, Glittering Trend…

It is amazing to see the latest trend in body tattoo jewellery.  Why get inked when you can look this hot and then wash itView full post »